Vision Warriors Endurance Program

Part of the "Raising Our Sights" Do-It-Yourself Fundraising Program

Vision Warriors is committed to taking on the challenge of ending blinding diseases and pushing beyond our limits through fun, active and challenging programs to support the mission of the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

This initiative includes events such as marathons, cycling events, obstacle course races, long distance hikes, and triathlons. We have also designed the program to capture events as simple as a push-up challenge. It is our goal to raise awareness of our mission in front of new audiences and to provide our community with an opportunity to get physically active in ways that best suit them.

If you have an endurance event in your local area that you would like to have the Foundation involved in, we encourage you to email

Vision Warriors Endurance Program – Upcoming Events

This is your chance to get down and dirty to build awareness and raise funds to support research that will end blinding diseases.

Vision Warriors Fundraising Toolkit

Thank you for signing up to be a Vision Warrior. Now it’s time to get down and dirty in this adven-ture race that requires endurance, teamwork, and grit. Before you do Tough Mudder, you will have plenty of opportunities to share your story, invite friends and family to join you, and raise awareness for Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Everyone’s reason for getting muddy is different. On event day, we will come together with one common goal: raise funds for preventions, treatments, and cures for millions of people around the world who are affected by blinding diseases.

Check out the Vision Warriors Fundraising Toolkit for support and fundraising guidance for our Vision Warriors doing a Tough Mudder. It includes a series of emails, texts, social media content, and fundraising ideas.

Vision Warriors – Social Media

Click on the button below to go to the Vision Warriors Fundraising Toolkit page to download images you can use across your social media pages. 

Vision Warriors Social Media Toolkit

Want to join us for another Tough Mudder or endurance event? 

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