A Winery That is Built on Hope and Rooted in Purpose

Like most stories worth telling, ours begins with a group of friends, humble beginnings, and a skyward vision. They were working for some of the world’s largest wineries and they all felt an undeniable calling to do good. What started with 168 cases and a white pick-up has grown to become a state-of-the-art flagship winery in the heart of Napa Valley.

Our founders saw firsthand just how much impact a bottle of wine can have. They began hosting wine tastings to raise money for important causes and encouraged and inspired others to do the same. Today, ONEHOPE is one of the largest direct-to-consumer wineries in the world and has proudly donated over $8 million to local and global causes.

ONEHOPE Wine will donate 10% of every purchase through this link directly to our Foundation! To shop all wines and curated gifts, or join the Wine Club which provides ongoing donations, to www.onehopefightingblindness.com.

For corporate gifting or custom orders, Contact halle.weinberger@gmail.com or 646-284-6427. 




America's Low Vision Destination

The Low Vision Shop is a one-stop-shop for all assistive devices for low vision and blindness, including the latest in wearable technology. We are proud to be the go-to source for best-in-class low vision and blind assistive devices online, in our physical stores in the Baltimore area, South Florida and New York, and with multiple B2B channels.

Our trained professionals help individuals explore the latest advancements in low vision technology to find the best solutions for their stage of sight loss. We nurture and engage with the sight-loss community through in-house and virtual events, videos, demos, webinars, sponsorships, and social media.

If you use the discount code BLINDNESS10 at checkout, you will get 10% off your purchase, with 5% of the total sale going directly to the Foundation!



The Foundation Fighting Blindness is proud to announce our new partnership with Cleanlogic, a company that offers high-quality, sustainable bath and body accessories. Cleanlogic incorporates Braille onto its product packaging where possible to help blind and visually impaired individuals lead a more independent life.

If you use the discount code FFB10 at checkout, you will get 10% off your purchase, with 10% of the total sale going directly to the Foundation!



Amazon Alexa logo

Amazon Alexa-enabled device owners and app users can make a donation to the Foundation Fighting Blindness simply by saying, “Alexa, I’d like to make a donation to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.” All donations are fulfilled by Alexa Donations with Amazon Pay



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eBay for Charity is the eBay program where buyers and sells can raise funds for the causes that are important to them. Sellers commit to donate a percentage of their listing’s final sale price to the nonprofit of their choice and buyers make a difference with every purchase. Make sure to mark Foundation Fighting Blindness as your favorite charity on eBay which increases our exposure and helps us raise more donations.



Two Blind Brothers logo

Bradford and Bryan Manning are two brothers on a mission to cure blindness. At a young age, the brothers were both diagnosed with Stargardt disease – an eye disease that destroys central vision over time. To fight back, they left their former careers in finance to propel a small charitable clothing company, Two Blind Brothers, into one of the fastest growing charitable clothing brands in the country.

Two Blind Brothers donates 100% of its profits to researchers and the Foundation Fighting Blindness to find cures for blinding diseases. The contributions from Two Blind Brothers are driving life-changing treatments that are already being used in patients such as the “Voretigene Neparvovec” treatment, a gene therapy developed by Spark Therapeutics.



We are pleased to announce that our very own Ben Shaberman has a new book out titled Retina Boy. Published October 1 by Loyola University Maryland, it is a YA, sci-fi adventure about a boy born without retinas. The book was inspired by the families, especially kids, who deal with vision loss from retinal disease so positively and courageously. Retinal researchers are highlighted, as well.

You can purchase the book from Amazon: Paperback, Audio/Audible, and Kindle.

Here is a short description of the plot:

"Researchers were mystified by the boy from Des Moines born without retinas. Strangers and friends were mesmerized by his luminescent, aquamarine eyes. Retina Boy grew up to be a carefree teenager. He played amazing lead guitar in an awesome, classic rock cover band. His girlfriend, Marcy, though unable to walk, was the smartest kid in their school. They were a perfect pair—she was his eyes and he was her legs. Never did Retina Boy imagine he was from another planet, and that he and Marcy would be called upon to save the Earth and an alien world of blind inhabitants on the brink of environmental collapse."

What readers are saying about Retina Boy:

“Retina Boy is a great read! It’s a fast-paced story which brings elements of science fiction and science fact to a fun and satisfying conclusion. The fact that it covers up-to-date human genetics (and bands and music) is a bonus enriching the story. ”
— Dr. Stephen Daiger, Director of the Laboratory for Molecular Diagnosis of Inherited Eye Diseases at The University of Texas

“This interplanetary tale, rooted in the author’s real world experience with the Foundation Fighting Blindness, is a reminder to all of us that physical disabilities do not prevent us from leading extraordinary lives. Retina Boy is a fun read for people of all abilities. ”
— Dr. Shannon Boye, Associate Professor, University of Florida

Visit www.RetinaBoy.com.

Enjoy a fun and adventurous read and fight blindness!