Get Your Employees Involved.

Workplace giving programs help provide employees with a simple way to donate to charities they care about. Employees are often looking for an opportunity to contribute to the community. Workplace fundraising via payroll deduction, volunteering and employer matches, forges a greater bond among employees as they work together to benefit the charity of their choice.

Engaged Employees

Strengthen Your Company

  • 58%

    consider a company’s social and green policies when deciding where to work.1

  • 55%

    would choose to work for a socially responsible company, even if the salary would be less.1

  • 7.5%

    potential increased employee engagement from a well-designed CSR program. 2

  • 13%

    Increased employee productivity.2

Dollars can also be donated to the Foundation Fighting Blindness through other workplace charitable campaigns such as United Way. These contributions are either one-time gifts or are fulfilled through payroll deduction, a program where employees choose specific amounts to be deducted from their paychecks and specific charities to receive their gifts. Code numbers vary from state-to-state and among local chapters of the United Way. Please check with your workplace-giving administrator to ensure accuracy, and write the Foundation Fighting Blindness on your pledge form.

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the largest workplace-giving program in the world – for employees of the federal government, the postal service, and the uniform services. If you are a federal government or military employee and would like to donate to the Foundation Fighting Blindness through the CFC, please enter CFC code #11721 on your pledge card during the next campaign.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

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