May 12, 2023

Wine for a Cure

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Lindsey Blankenship, president of the Foundation Fighting Blindness Colorado Chapter, has created a one-of-a-kind Raising Our Sights Event. Wine for a Cure aims to spread awareness and fundraise on behalf of the Foundation Fighting Blindness with two signature wines from the Oregon Winery, Stoller Family Estates. The featured wines are a Chardonnay named “Variant” and a Pinot Noir named “Pigmentosa.”

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30% of proceeds from each bottle purchased will go directly toward the Foundation mission.

Stoller Family Estate

Colorado Chapter president, Lindsey Blankenship, has utilized the Raising Our Sights program to create a unique project. With the help of one of the best wineries in all of Oregon, Stoller Family Estates, Lindsey has created two featured labels that raise awareness for the Foundation Fighting Blindness and specifically, Retinitis Pigmentosa. Lindsey and select members of her family are affected with RP themselves so this incredibly creative initiative hits close to home. Lindsey who is also the Director of her own non-profit organization, Creating SPACE, is naturally driven to make a large impact on the missions closest to her with large ideas. What pairs best with her incredible drive is her love for wine which is how she ended up with the idea of Wine for a Cure.

Please support the Foundation's Mission by purchasing the two signature wines here.

Variant Chardonnay

Variant chardonnay wine bottle.

The first of the featured wines, Variant, is a 2018 Chardonnay that has the aromas of ripe pear and baked apple, accompanied by balanced fruit and wonderful natural acidity on the palate.

The second featured wine, Pigmentosa, is a Pinot Noir that shows perfumed red fruits with undertones of earth and baking spice. The palate is soft, with dark cherry flavors balanced by a delicate tension from the tannins.

Pigmentosa Wine

Pigmentosa pinot noir wine bottle.

Both featured labels are a part of Stoller Family Estate’s “Wines For A Good Cause”. Lindsey has worked with the winery to best capture the journey of those diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa and other inherited retinal diseases through the labeling process, aptly landing on “Variant” and “Pigmentosa”.  This initiative aims to raise awareness and fundraise on behalf of the Foundation Fighting Blindness. 30% of proceeds from each bottle purchased will go directly towards our mission to drive the research for preventions, treatments, and cure for the entire spectrum of blinding retinal diseases.