Jul 8, 2024

A Vision of Hope and Light: Fai and Patrick’s Journey with the Foundation Fighting Blindness

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“Legacy giving is about carrying the torch for future generations,” Fai shares. “It’s about ensuring that one day, we can all celebrate victories over vision loss together.”

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In the heart of Arizona, Fai Mo and Patrick McKelvey have charted a path marked not just by challenges but by immense hope and unwavering commitment. Meeting 24 years ago, they embarked on a journey together, one that would soon include an unexpected companion: vision loss. Fai's diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa (RP) was a turning point that became the catalyst for a profound connection with the Foundation Fighting Blindness, a beacon of hope for many navigating similar paths.

The moment Fai discovered the Foundation was as serendipitous as it was life-changing. A poster for a VisionWalk caught his eye during a routine visit to his retinal specialist, sparking curiosity and leading him to his first VisionWalk in Arizona. Attending the Arizona VisionWalk was a transformative experience as they discovered the Foundation wasn't just leading the charge in groundbreaking research; it was creating a community, a family united by shared experiences and a collective vision for a future without blindness.

Inspired by the optimism and resilience of those he met, Fai soon found his calling by volunteering with the Arizona chapter as president and organizing events like VisionWalk and Dining in the Dark. His involvement with the chapter became more than an act of support; it became an affirmation of his and Patrick’s commitment to the cause. It was here, amidst this vibrant community, that the decision to include the Foundation in their legacy plan crystallized.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness stands at the forefront of over 45 clinical trials, each a step closer to treatments and cures for blinding diseases. Fai and Patrick's legacy gift is a testament to their belief in the Foundation's mission and its capacity to change lives. Their story is a powerful reminder that legacy giving is an opportunity for anyone, at any age, to make a significant impact.

Fai and Patrick hiking

"Legacy giving is about carrying the torch for future generations," Fai shares. "It's about ensuring that one day, we can all celebrate victories over vision loss together."
This sentiment echoes through the Foundation's community, a diverse yet united group, all connected by the shared dream of finding cures.

Fai and Patrick’s decision to include the Foundation in their estate planning is a beacon of hope, illuminating the path for others to follow. It's an invitation to join a movement that transcends individual experiences, uniting us in the pursuit of a brighter, clearer future.

For those inspired by Fai and Patrick's story, considering legacy giving as part of your estate planning is a powerful way to contribute to this ongoing journey. Regardless of your age or stage in life, your support can lay the groundwork for breakthroughs that will one day transform the landscape of blinding diseases. Together, we can ensure that future generations will not only dream of a world without blindness but will one day live in it.