Dec 22, 2021

Organizations collaborate on inherited macular dystrophy program

The Foundation in the News

The Foundation Fighting Blindness and the Nixon Visions Foundation are working together to launch the Nixon Visions Foundation Inherited Macular Dystrophy Program, according to a news release from the organizations.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Brandon and Janine Nixon on this multifaceted program. Their support of the Foundation’s mission to find treatments and cures for inherited retinal diseases is inspiring. This level of commitment significantly boosts our ability to drive sight-saving research.

Benjamin Yerxa, PhD, CEO, Foundation Fighting Blindness

The program will “provide funding for six early translational research projects over 3 years for the development of new therapies that could treat inherited macular dystrophy, including visual impairment related to mutations in the PRPH2 gene,” according to the release.

The support comes in the form of a donation totaling $3.75 million, the organizations told Healio/OSN.

In addition, the Foundation Fighting Blindness and the University of California San Diego will host a workshop called “Nixon Visions Foundation Inherited Macular Dystrophy Comprehensive International Workshop with Special Focus on PRPH2,” offering a deep dive on PRPH2-related retinal disease and biological and therapeutic approaches, the release said.

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