Dec 12, 2013

FFB Chairman, Gordon Gund, Interviewed on

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The Foundation’s chairman and co-founder, Gordon Gund is interviewed on

Photo of Gordon Gund

The Foundation’s chairman and co-founder, Gordon Gund.

Over on, contributor Devin Thorpe is compiling a series of interviews with people representing organizations dedicated, as he writes, to solving "the world's biggest challenges within the next thirty years." Blindness is obviously among them, so we're very appreciative that, this past Monday, Devin interviewed FFB's chairman, Gordon Gund.

For those not familiar with Gordon, he's a successful businessman, financier, sports-team owner and entrepreneur, among other things. But he also co-founded the Foundation Fighting Blindness—along with his wife, Lulie, and several other families—back in 1971. He did so because, by that time, as he recounts in the interview, he'd lost most of his vision to retinitis pigmentosa. Since then, Gordon has gone completely blind, but he's remained the driving force behind the Foundation's considerable advances. He covers those, as well as other compelling subjects, during the 27-minute Q&A, with tremendous energy, intelligence and passion. If you watch, you'll see what I mean. On behalf of the Foundation, I'd like to thank, and Devin specifically, for inviting Gordon to share FFB's mission and the promising research that will, one day, end blindness caused by retinal degenerative diseases.