Tributes & Memorials

Supporters of the Foundation Fighting Blindness frequently make a donation to honor a loved one or a valued colleague. In addition, supporters often designate the Foundation as the recipient of donations in lieu of flowers being sent upon the death of a friend or family member. We would be happy to work with you to make individual arrangements for a sensitive situation in your life.

When you make a gift to the Foundation in the form of a Tribute, the person in honor of whom you sent the gift will receive a card with inside text that reads: the Foundation Fighting Blindness is grateful to be the recipient of a contribution donated by _(donor's name)_ towards research and programs to fight blinding diseases.

Click here to go to the secure online tribute form.

NEW: Personal Fundraising Pages
We want to support your efforts to raise money for the Foundation. Share your personal story and ask friends & family to support your efforts to help the Foundation find a cure.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness is hosting a special Web site where you can create a Web page that tells your story. Create a page for yourself or for someone you love.