Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

We’ve seen people using Facebook to dedicate their birthday and raise money for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. If you live in the United States, Facebook has made it easier to do this by giving people the opportunity to create a fundraiser for their birthday directly on Facebook.

Follow this link to easily set up your Birthday Fundaiser for the Foundation.

Facebook Birthday Fundraiser alert on mobile phone.

How's It Work

Two weeks before your birthday, you will see a message from Facebook in your News Feed giving you the option to create a fundraiser for your birthday. You can create a fundraiser for any of the 750,000 U.S. nonprofits available for fundraising on Facebook.

Support the Foundation Fighting Blindness by creating a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser. Once you do, your friends will receive a notification inviting them to support you in honor of your special day.

Create Your Own Birthday Fundraiser

  1. Select the Foundation Fighting Blindness from a list of available nonprofits.
  2. Enter the amount of donations you are looking to raise.
  3. Tell your story as to why the Foundation is important to you.
  4. Pick a cover photo.
  5. Congratulations! Your Birthday Fundraisers has been published. Invite your friends.
  6. Want to raise more for your birthday? Offer to match any donations that come in. Don't worry, you can set a limit.

To learn more about Facebook Birthday Fundraisers, click on this link