San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

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Nathan Clookie, Director, Chapter Engagement, West


Lulie's Light Award 2022 Community Champion Awardee

Community Champion Awardee 2022. Dedicated to sharing the latest research and advancements through informative sessions, low vision resources, and outreach to our local retinal specialists and eye care professionals.

The Strength of the Foundation is Through Our Communities

The Foundation Fighting Blindness Chapter network brings people together across the country to join in fighting blinding retinal diseases. Our family of volunteers and leaders stand up for those impacted by blinding diseases. From day one, they share the latest research and advancements, and provide access to local resources to guide individuals through their personal journey. And together, they celebrate the Foundation’s mission.

We are winning thanks to the dedication of our Chapters focusing on three key areas: education, resources, and revenue. Through informative sessions, Foundation staff, community, and national experts provide research information, low vision resources, and outreach to our local retinal specialists and eye care professionals. To continue accelerating our mission, each community is invited to be a stakeholder by participating in our fundraising events.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness Chapter Vision

Our vision is to bring a community together to end blinding diseases.

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Leadership

Name Role
Nathan Clookie Chapter Engagement Manager
Wayne Sackett/Eric Zankman Chapter Co-Presidents
Gabi Dobrescu Resource Chair
Ram Srinivasan/Rob Farmer Education Chairs
Cathy Quock Revenue Chair
Van Dusterberg 

Accessibility, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Chair

Foundation Contact

Nathan Clookie

Director, Chapter Engagement, West

Past Webinars and Speaker Events

  • Save Sight Saturday - December 16, 2021

    This presentation includes two panels covering topics about technology, accessibility, and research.

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  • Save Sight Saturday - April 30, 2022

    This event highlights an expert panel covering the resources and the research that benefit you!

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Additional Resources

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