Inspirational Voices from the Fighting Blindness Community

Being diagnosed with anything can be hard, and you certainly will go through a range of emotions. You are not alone. Many have been in your shoes and have dealt with their diagnosis in different ways. Some feel a sense of relief when they can share their stories with others who are going through a similar situation.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness is a beacon for those affected by blinding retinal diseases. With our Beacon Stories, we share individual’s journeys with their disease and how their drive fuels them to pursue their passions. Not only do we find their stories aspirational, we believe these individuals are true beacons of strength, champions of courage, and advocates for hope. We hope these stories provide you with light that will get you through the darkness. Collectively, we are stronger together – as a community.

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Beacon Stories

  • Nov 14, 2022

    Chloe’s Creative Journey with Vision Loss

    Chloé Duplessis is a legally blind digital collage artist in Denver, Colorado. At 39 years old, Chloé was diagnosed with Stargardt disease, which was a pivotal point in her creative journey to becoming a full-time artist and owner of Duplessis Art.

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  • Oct 24, 2022

    Charlie Kramer: Life Coach for the Disabled

    Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) runs in Charlie Kramer’s family, so it wasn’t a surprise when he was diagnosed at a young age. But now, at 29 years old, Charlie is following his passion for helping and empowering others as a full-time life coach for those with disabilities.

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  • Sep 26, 2022

    SeeShore Fest Fundraiser Success

    Heather Napolitano started her DIY fundraiser, SeeShore Fest, seven years ago. The event has now raised over $109,000 to fund research finding treatments and cures for blinding diseases.

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  • Sep 12, 2022

    Youngest U.S. Blind Golfer Heading to the 2022 Vision Cup

    Tyler Cashman is one of six U.S. team members that have been selected to participate in the upcoming 2022 Vision Cup, an international golf competition for the blind hosted by the United States Blind Golf Association (USBGA), taking place on September 19-22, 2022.

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  • Aug 15, 2022

    Decades of Dedication Fighting for His Family and Himself

    Dan Day is one of over ten people in his family, spanning six generations, affected with retinitis pigmentosa (RP). So to “get off the sidelines and join the fight” for himself and his family, Dan has dedicated over 25 years of service to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

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  • Jul 25, 2022

    Discovering Confidence Through Vulnerability

    Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Lindi Goff is sharing her authentic self by being vulnerable about her journey with Stargardt disease.

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  • Jul 11, 2022

    Eye on the Prize Winner: Josh/Nicholls State University

    This year, the Foundation created a new fundraising initiative called Eye on the Prize, influenced by March Madness. The winner of the inaugural Eye on the Prize competition was Nicholls State University, raising $2,428. This winning team was led by Josh Cogswell, an assistant professor of management at Nicholls State University, who has his own personal connection to the Foundation’s mission.

    Beacon Stories DIY Campaign Success Stories
  • Jun 20, 2022

    Biologist and Father Dedicated to Daughter’s Cure

    After Allison’s diagnosis with Usher syndrome type 3, her dad, Jeff Libby, wanted to do everything he could to find her a cure. As a biologist, Jeff started searching for organizations researching blinding diseases like Allison’s, and he found the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

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  • Jun 6, 2022

    Passionate Professional Outreach Volunteer Helping Newly Diagnosed

    Jim has always been avid about giving back to others, even after he was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. And in the last few years, he’s begun working with the Foundation to help eye care professionals in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area provide vital resources for their patients with retinal diseases.

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  • May 23, 2022

    A New Vision Through Music

    Mark Erelli has been a professional musician for the past twenty-three years. He’s always used songwriting to express himself. Since being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, he’s needed music more than ever.

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