Lights. Camera. Action! We have a few easy tips to help you ensure that your #ShareYourVision story shines wherever it’s shared — on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

If you are living with vision loss, we recommend asking a family member or friend to help you as you record your story.

Shoot in Vertical Mode

Social media provides the main platform for viewing #ShareYourVision videos, so we encourage participants to shoot in vertical (portrait) mode.

Choose a Filming location

Whether you are recording yourself or letting a loved one film your story, finding the right location to film in is key.

Start by tracking down a quiet setting inside or outside with a background that provides depth and color for you to stand out against. If possible, avoid filming in front of a solid-colored wall or other one-dimensional backgrounds. Audio matters as much as visuals in a video, so finding a quiet space to film will help to make sure your story is clear and understandable.

Finally, you want to make sure your video is properly lit. When possible, face a source of light while avoiding lighting that puts harsh shadows across your face. Great example: Try pulling the curtains back and sitting close to a south-facing window during the day.

Set Up Your Shot!

Once you have the right location for your video, it’s time to set up your shot!

Make sure the camera is close to you to help cut down on the chance of your device’s microphone picking up ambient noise. Next, check the focus of your camera. Usually, mobile devices are good at automatically finding and focusing on a person. You can typically control this feature and set the focus manually by tapping on the screen and having it focus on your face, then holding down your phone’s focus button to lock the focus in place. Everything within the focus square will remain in focus, as long as the subject remains stationary throughout the video.

Next, hold your camera steady and level. You can use a tripod or gimbal to steady your camera when recording video of yourself, but if you don’t have access to those tools your phone should be able to assist. In your camera’s settings should be an option to have grid lines appear on the screen, which will help you keep a level shot while filming freehand.


Once you are happy with your filming location and shot setup, it’s time to hit record!

Review and #ShareYourVision

Double check the recording to make sure the audio is clear, your camera shot is stable and focused and you’re happy with the final product. When you are ready to share, visit and follow the onscreen prompts to upload your video. You will also be provided a template to share the video to your social media accounts with the hashtag #ShareYourVision!