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My Campaign to End Blindness

We’ve been very fortunate that we have a lot of family and friends that come out to support the fundraiser every year. Getting event sponsors and local support is key, but just getting everyone in our community together is what makes the fundraiser special.

Bari Bergstein, about the Bergstein family's "Strike Out Blindness" DIY Campaign
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Community members like you all over the country are creating do-it-yourself fundraisers to fight inherited retinal diseases. You can do it too — anything from hosting a pancake breakfast to promoting a golf tournament. Start small or go big!

How it works

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    Announce and share with friends and family

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    Collect donations and end blindness

How will you end blindness?

Choose your personal campaign today. Need help or ideas? Visit our FAQ page today.

  • Create a Tribute

    Honoring that special someone through a campaign is a great way to show you care.

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  • Design Your Own Campaign

    Be creative. Don’t let your imagination limit the opportunity to raise money!

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  • Special Occasions

    Turn your wedding, anniversary, or any special day into a fundraising opportunity!

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  • Athletic Events

    Join the fight by turning your run, hike, bike or endurance race into a fun way to fundraise.

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